Van onze vrienden van Borland:

Dear Borland Delphi Partners and Friends,

The Borland Developer Network (BDN) Team has planned "24 hours of Delphi". The BDN radio broadcast marathon that will take place July 13th from midnight to 11:59 pm California time hosted by David I and the Developer Relations team. The timing to take advantage of the larger Delphi followings in your countries.

This online event uses BDN chat server and audio server to allow interviews, presentations (no live video streaming) and questions from our community. We will also take questions in advance. We will also record, archive and provide playback (for those who miss some or all of the hours).

In David's (and others) travels around the world he has learned that our Delphi customers need additional information to help them move to Delphi 2005, to .NET and beyond. This 24 hour special event will generate interest, buzz, fun, and a lot of useful content for our customers and for ourselves.
And hey, how often these days do the Borland Developer Team stay up for
24+ hours of fun with our global community?

Below you will find information about what we are doing/planning.
Attached some wording to use for the promotion of this Exciting Day for our Delphi Community as well potential Delphi users.
Our target for putting up the first BDN notice and adding the Event Central entry will be today and they will also do a BDN blast to the Worldwide Delphi members to spread the word.

We are planning no special offers for this event. We will point to where to buy information (links to shop sites & reseller pages).

We will be capturing registrations and leads in a web application and will track how many are participating via the chat room and BDN radio server. We will also provide a web button where listeners can click to record that they are participating so we can see how many members stay tuned for how many hours. We are considering a prize or two in a random draw for members who register and then click each hour. We will distribute and share any leads to you for follow up.

We will keep updating the web information as we get closer to the event.

Please make sure to distribute this to your Delphi customers (and potential users) as this is an exciting event for them to participate to and could assist in providing you additional revenue by trying to get them upgraded.



BDN Radio Event - The 24 hours of Delphi - July 13, 2005

US - Pacific Time 0000 to 2359 (July 13) US - Eastern Time 0300 to 0259 (July 14) GMT 0700 to 0659 (July 14) United Kingdom 0800 to 0759 (July
14) Central Europe 0900 to 0859 (July 14) Moscow/St Petersberg Russia - 1100 to 1059 (July 14) Bangalore India - 1230 to 1229 (July 14) Beijing China - 1500 to 1459 (July 14) Tokyo Japan - 1600 to 1559 (July 14) Sydney Australia - 1700 to 1659 (July 14)

Mark your calendar for The 24 hours of Delphi BDN radio event of a lifetime.

Join us for 24 contiguous hours of live BDN radio interviews with Delphi R&D engineers, Borland partners, book authors, and community members.
You'll learn the tips, tricks, and techniques from the top Delphi experts on the planet Earth.

Scheduled to participate in this radio broadcast marathon are: Danny Thorpe, Allen Bauer, Steve Trefethen, Ramesh Theivendran, John Keegan, Jim Tierney, the ECO team, Dr. Bob Swart, Robert Love, Marco Cantu, Brian Long, Michael Swindell, Malcolm Groves, Jason Vokes, Daniel Magin, Bernd Ua, Ray Konopka, Nick Hodges, and many more."

During the broadcast, you will be able to submit questions for the radio guests to answer. If you want to submit questions in advance, you may do so by emailing Anders Ohlsson at

The radio guests will also be available to provide tips and tricks for moving your projects to Delphi 2005 for Win32 development, as well as moving your applications to Microsoft .NET and the .NET compact framework.

We'll discuss real world examples, success stories from community members and their customers, and also outline the Delphi roadmap for the next three years. In addition, we will interview the guests about their roles in the Delphi community, how they first started out, what they're doing toady, what books they're writing, what web sites they hang out on, what training and consulting they do, etc, etc.

When: July 13, 2005 from 12:00am to 11:59pm PDT (July 13, 2005 from 07:00am to July 14, 2005 at 06:59am GMT)

Stay tuned to BDN and EventCentral for more information about this one-of-a-kind radio broadcast.


Current Lineup of Participants and suggested topics

Last Updated: 02:14pm PDT on June 23rd

SV Speaker Topic

00:00 David I, Michael S, Jason V, Malcolm G - Introduction and Delphi
01:00 Bob Swart, Marco Cantu - Training, customers, migration
02:00 David Clegg - CF preview, StarTeam, migration
03:00 Jan Norden (Henrik, Fredrik) - ECO fundamentals
04:00 Jonas Hogstrom (Henrik, Fredrik) - ECO O/R mappings
05:00 Bernd Ua and Daniel Magin - "The Germany Show"
06:00 Jeroen Pluimers - Training, customers, migration
07:00 Dan Miser - Migration case study. 1.5MLOC source!
08:00 Craig Stuntz - C# in Delphi 2005, StarTeam
09:00 Ramesh - Database programming, dbExpress, Borland Data Provider
10:00 Daniel Polistchuck - Janeva, CaliberRM
11:00 Danny & Seppy - Compiler, RTL, VCL, CF preview
12:00 Chad & Hadi - Indy and IntraWeb
13:00 Yorai - VCL, ASP, lang features
14:00 Steve T, Jim T, John K and Nick Hodges - ASP.NET, web services,
dbWeb and QC web client
15:00 Mark Edington - Unit testing, test driven development
16:00 Chris Bensen - ActiveX/COM
17:00 Michael Li - Migrating to ASP.NET (customer story)
18:00 Robert Love - BDN work done in Delphi 2005
19:00 Randy Magruder - Customer Migration case study
20:00 Charlie Calvert and Lino Tadros - Training, customers, migration
21:00 Ray Konopka - VCL component building + migration
22:00 Tim Jarvis, Dick W and Anthony R - ECO case study
23:00 David I, Michael S, Jason V, Malcolm G - Closing, wrap-up