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  1. Borland Interbase
  2. Installation info
  3. Managing a birthday calendar with InterBase
  4. IBPhoenix
  5. Maximizing Performance of Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase Applictions
  6. Ten Things You Can Do To Make InterBase Scream
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  8. Upscene - InterBase Workbench
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  10. Interbase DataPump
  11. Maximizing Web Applications With Database Pools
  12. Known Causes of Corruption in InterBase Databases
  13. Nieuw in InterBase 6.5
  14. Firebird Quick Start Guide
  15. InterBase Performance Monitor
  16. Open Firebird ODBC driver
  17. Database Validation and Repair
  18. InterXpress voor Firebird
  19. Everything You Need to Know About InterBase Character Sets
  20. Interbase replicator
  21. Unified Interbase
  22. How to lock a record in InterBase/Firebird
  23. Optimization I: Optimizing InterBase Applications
  24. Why You Can't Pass a List to an InterBase SQL Param by Craig Stuntz
  25. Optimization II: Optimizing InterBase SQL and Metadata
  26. Optimization III: Selecting and Configuring Interbase Server Hardware
  27. Using Firebird SQL in .NET