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Thread: Lazarus Release 2.0.0

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    Lazarus Release 2.0.0

    Hallo, Lazarus 2.0 final is uit. Ik geloof dat er nu ook release builds voor COCOA zijn op Mac.

    The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 2.0.0.

    • This release was built with FPC 3.0.4.
    • The previous release Lazarus 1.8.4 was built with FPC 3.0.4 as well.

    Here is the list of changes for Lazarus and Free Pascal:

    Here is the list of fixes for Lazarus 2.0.x:

    The release is available for download on SourceForge:

    Choose your CPU, OS, distro and then the "Lazarus 2.0.0" directory.

    Checksums for the SourceForge files:

    Minimum requirements:

    • 2k, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, 32 or 64bit.

    • gtk 2.8 for gtk2, qt4.5 for qt, qt5.6 for qt5, 32 or 64bit.

    Mac OS X:
    • 10.5 to 10.12; Carbon (32bit), Cocoa (64bit, beta), qt and
      qt5 (32 or 64bit).

    The svn tag is

    For people who are blocked by SF, the Lazarus releases from SourceForge
    are mirrored at:
    and later at (after some time for synchronization)

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    John Kuiper
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    (Voorzichtig) gefeliciteerd. Had gehoopt op een echte release met FPC 3.2 en standaard FPReports bij zich.
    Maar ben wel blij met de goede veranderingen in de IDE.
    Delphi is great. Lazarus is more powerfull

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